Fragile Human Organs...

Another book I still like but I think it's a bit dated. Too many of the same bands inside. I probably should have kept it more varied. The title refers to what I would write on my camera case, going through customs.


Working with Ross Halfin is as much fun as shaving your head with a cheese grater while chewing on a cactus. He's not only the biggest pain in the ass on this planet, he's their leader (he has assistants). On tour, whenever his name is mentioned along with the fact that he's gracing us with his presence, our eyes light up (with hatred or fear or boredom) and we can't wait to wake up early for another brilliant adventurous photo session (standing in front of another white wall). But the most annoying thing of all is that we must put up with all of this shit because he produces some of the most amazing shots ever!!

James Hetfield

The Black Crowes Metallica Fragile Human Organs Def Leppard - Non More Black