In hindsight I should have written a lot of copy for this. Lars' intro is a load of unconscious drivel. Still like the book though. I should have used more pictures with Cliff Burton.


Hard Back

Soft Back

"Lars, It's Ross!! When you're done thinking about how great you are and how wonderful your band is, why don't you give me a call!!" . . . and so begins another wonderful venture into the warped and twisted mind of one Ross Halfin, rock photographer (among other things . . . ) "Hi Ross, what's up???" "Oi, when you're done wanking over yourself, why don't you write the intro to my new book?" "Well, I'm in the middle of trying to finish the new record . . . " "Good, I need it in two weeks. Thanks, bye!!"

Wow!! Familiar with Ross Halfin?? Well, if you have been interested in hard rock for more than five minutes, chances are that you have seen the man's work, be it in rock mags, posters, album or single sleeves, t-shirts, tour books, toilet stalls . . . and let me get this out of the way right now, he is without doubt the best photographer the world of hard rock has seen this side of 1980. Period. Said it!!! Done!!! Now . . . let's get personal . . .

. . . C-ya in a bit

Lars Ulrich, April '96


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