I met Def Leppard in 1979 . . . I've photographed them on every tour since then.

I can honestly say that the '96 tour has been the most fun I've had with them.

From bootleg shopping in Japan - to taking my son, Oliver on tour this summer - he now wants me to play guitar like Phil and Viv.

Enjoy the photos and the haircuts

Ross Halfin
Sept '96

To the full time gossip- columnist and part time photographer (and the best)
Sav xx

I've known this man since 1979 and he still can't figure what he's doing! Just press the fucking button Ross!
Joe Elliot

Photos by . . . blind Ross Halfin enjoy Kid u. not

Hi Hope you get a kick out these photo's taken exclusively on our'96 Japan Tour
Phil Collen

Hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed the tour
Rick Allen

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