I've got so many pictures of Def Leppard...

I could fill up this site for years, so I thought I'd start with Steve Clark as people ask for him the most.

He's one of the few dead people I really miss. He was always embarrassed about how much money he had. On the Hysteria tour we would always sneak off and go drinking, mainly to Japanese restaurants. I would eat Japanese, he would drink Japanese. I always insisted that he pay. He always did and moaned about it. I last saw him at a Queensryche show at the Hammersmith Odeon. He was quite pathetic--all he did was ask me for cocaine and something to drink. He was in a world of his own with his dad equally drunk and his new strange girlfriend he'd met at rehab. Saying this, I do miss him. He was obsessed with Jimmy Page and could play any riff or song in an instant. If you go and see his grave--which I haven't done--a photo of mine is etched on the tombstone.

As much as I liked Def Leppard, they're not as good without him. If you think Def Leppard are a band of the past, go and play the records he's on. They're one of life's guilty pleasures.