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February 29

An afternoon with Joe Walsh and his charming wife Marjorie Bach. I've never met Joe before, he was funny and was more than happy to talk about all the boring fan stuff I asked him. He signed my copy of Barnstorm that I'd got on vinyl. I was pleased with this session, fast and easy and I didn't overshoot.

Joe Walsh Siren Studios Los Angeles Joe Walsh Siren Studios Los Angeles Joe Walsh Siren Studios Los Angeles

Had dinner with Neil Zlozower who gave me a fantastic Keith Richards photo from the Stones '72 tour. I asked him where he took it, 'Fuck, I don't know, San Diego or the Forum, I don't fucking remember!!!!' We had sushi then he dragged me to the El Ray Theatre to see an all girl Asian band called Nylon Pink who opened up with Creeping Death. Full of Asian women… It was fun seeing the Zlowz in action.

Messaged by photographer Rick Gould asking why we hadn't invited him out to eat with us- I told Rick if he came out with us God would abandon him... (he's a christian)

Nylon Pink - EL Ray Theatre Nylon Pink - EL Ray Theatre Nylon Pink - EL Ray Theatre

February 28

Spent the early evening at a party at Aerosmith's studio. Mick Fleetwood was there and Joe and Jack Douglas played him a track. I watched John Bionelli and Kaz's boyfriend Hot Dodgy eat. Got a photo of Mick and Joe together.

John Bionelli and Hot Dodgy.....John Bionelli and Hot Dodgy... Kazuyo gets her man Joe Perry and Mick Fleetwood...

Then back at the hotel found a pair of intoxicated Arctic Monkeys in the bar… Alex Turner showed me his new tattoo - "Sheffield' - in case he gets lost going home. Kazuyo demanded we go to Sushi Wa where she tried to get John drunk and back to her room, for Boom Boom…

Some Artic Monkeys Some Artic Monkeys


February 26

A night at the Elton John Oscar party. I have to admit it was impressive, and I've been to a lot of these things. Strange to see fully made up women in warm afternoon sunlight.

The first person I saw was Ziyi Zhang who I have to say was "Stunning". Then I saw Dave Grohl in a tux and bow tie, 'Lets go to the bar !!!!' was the first thing he said. Steven and Erin arrived, you could tell as he was being followed by everyone. It's fun sitting with ST as everybody comes up to him. Here are some photos shot with my Leica

David and The Master....

Los Angeles Bomb SquadMr and Mrs, Grohl and StevenDavid Grohl and Ziyi ZhangZiyi Zhang and StevenSteven and Katie PerryMr, and Mrs Stanley and Sir Elton John...Steven and The Master...Steven and Katie PerrySteven and Erin do the Red CarpetSteven and John Bionelli....The competition...Photo by Kazuyo

February 25

RH and AerosmithThird day with Aerosmith, high in the Hollywood Hills at the house where they filmed The Big Lebowski. Now if I have to be truthful, it was a work of art. The Master took charge. You know, it's strange, I haven't shot them in a few years but the minute I got the old Nikon in focus everything just worked. Really, I'm not joking, everything just gelled. You can be the judge when you see the pictures. It was a long but fun day. Now I'm looking forward to shooting them live. I tend to get very jaded with what I do but when you get a band that you enjoy it makes the job a lot more easier. Let me be honest it's not always easy dealing with Steven but this weekend he was fantastic. The house we shot in today was jaw-dropping - incredible.

We finished the evening with Randle (Jack) Feagin who flew down to LA from SF. in his private jet to buy us dinner at Ago, one of my favourite LA restaurants. Me and Rock'n'roll RH AGOJohn Bionelli celebrated our 3 days work with a little fine dining along with Kazuyo Horie who was in mourning being stood up by Jimmy "Ma Dodgy" Eyers, the new love of herlife. Filthy is newly sober in the nails department meaning she no longer chain smokes. Dodgy who chain smokes more than her has an odour of an ashtray that drives her wild every time she's within 10 feet of him. 'I love Ma Dodgy' she can be heard muttering at the bar. 'He smells delicious.' A big thank you to Randle, who insisted on buying us dinner.

Steven and Erin Brady have invited me to Elton John's Oscar party tomorrow, which will be, erm, interesting to say the least. Perhaps I might meet Gong Li...

February 23

Mrs EyersA day shooting Aerosmith for their new LP. Here's an outtake of Mrs Eyers - sexy Kazuyo Horie. John Bionelli is heartbroken - Dodgy always gets the birds.


It was Brad Whitford's Birthday and the band gave him a cake. I came back and fell asleep on the bed until Rock'n'roll Bionelli came to my room and played side one of KISS Alive to wake me up. Now there's a real band to wake you up. It always does him a world of good. After a night at AGO with John I came back and could not find Kazuyo. I suspect she is in Dodgy's room trying to make little Dodgys...


February 22

London to Los Angeles to shoot the 'Smiths (as in the Aerosmiths) for an album cover/press/promo/merch, you name it. I have no idea REALLY what I'm going to do but in an odd way I like that, it makes me try. I can push myself and Steven Tyler will make me try - he'll push me in a good way. Looking forward to shooting them, the last time I did a real group shot was Honking On Hobo.

The funny part is the hotel is sold out because of the Oscars so Kazuyo Horie, my sexy assistant, and I have been upgraded and are sharing a huge villa. She can make the bed and wipe my bottom in between ogling the man of her dreams - Rock'n'roll John Bionelli. Kazuyo is also very happy she has her own personal slave called Zack Whitford who may replace John B as her "Love Slave". Then again she holds a torch for Randle Feagin and Jimmy Eyers - love is never straight forward in life…

My Leica has a fault in the plus and minus over ride. I took it to Leica who want to send it away to the Fatherland for three weeks to get it repaired. I am not happy about this at all. What happened to German efficiency? A broken down Panzer tank wouldn't have been sent away for three weeks during the Blitzkrieg.

Saw Alex Turner in the lobby of my hotel, caught up with him - nice to see him.

Spent the early evening in the studio with Aerosmith who are finishing their LP with Jack Douglas. It's been a busy kind of day.

February 16

Some new magazines, with my photos

Magazines Magazines Magazines Magazines Magazines Magazines Magazines Magazines

February 13

I've been in the Far East for nearly three weeks. I was going to do some shooting on my Nikons but ended up mainly using my little Leica. I thought Vietnam was cool, quite different to what I expected. As I was walking along the street one evening I was stopped by a fan who asked if I was "Mr Halfin" which threw me a bit. He said he was a big fan of my work - very strange. Another person wrote to me to say he'd seen me in Bangkok but didn't what to bother me. If you do see me and want to say hello please do…

On YOUTUBE there is some great footage of Humble Pie playing Rolling Stone live from the Rock On era, it shows why Steve Marriott was the world's greatest singer - apart from Paul Rodgers.

Off home now to the land of the ice and snow....

A couple of photos of Brian and Monique Wheat and Mr Page, and the Dynamic Duo in the East.

Dynamic Duo in the EastBrian and Monique Wheat and Mr Page

February 6

Vietnam - Stomach nice with french bread....Vietnam - Stomach nice with french bread....

Vietnam - Some more from Saigon...Vietnam - Some more from Saigon... Vietnam - Some more from Saigon...

Vietnam - Some more from Saigon...Vietnam - Some more from Saigon...Vietnam - Some more from Saigon...

February 3

In Saigon it is hot here, you walk and soak from sweat. Spent an afternoon at the War Remnants Museum where they have America's crimes against humanity. Even if it is one sided it is grim viewing The Mai Lai massacre and stuff like that. I took some pictures of the tanks and the prison... not exactly cheery stuff. They won so I suppose it's the North Vietnamese point of view.

Vietnam - Prison Guilottine Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam - Kelly Wong... VietnamVietnam - POW's Vietnam - Machine gun on a Huey HelicopterVietnam - POW's Vietnam - US Huey Helicopter Vietnam - US TanksVietnam - Mr, Hoi Chi Min

February 2

In Saigon, my first time in Vietnam. The first thing you notice is there are thousands of people on motor bikes everywhere. I'm staying at the Park Hyatt, a beautiful colonial hotel - as soon as I stepped outside I was offered cocaine twice and then heroin… Apart from that I like the place and the local females are elegant and stunning.

The Lone Ranger... Saigon.Halfin and Wheat on tour of AsiaBikes SaigonA present from my assistant Kazuyo to take on your travels....

February 1

In the Far East - flew over a bleak looking eastern europe, it looked cold and uninviting. I tried to shoot the plane's shadow flying over the English Channel. Going to try to shoot more travel.

Flying from the far East Flying from the far East Flying from the far East Flying from the far East

Here are some of my records I like, the bootleg LPs just for the artwork. I have always like Jimi Hendrix-Electric Ladyland Parts 1 and 2 on UK Track label just for the artwork. Hard to find them now.... The Rolling Stones in Exotic Honolulu is a drawing by William Stout I have. The Led Zeppelin also just because I like it - Pb is the the sign for Led in periodic table (physics), quite clever for a bootleg.

bootleg LPs bootleg LPs bootleg LPs bootleg LPs bootleg LPs bootleg LPs bootleg LPs The Jime Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland The Jime Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland

I finished Jerry Shirley's Best Seat In The House which I recommend. Also reading A History Of The World in 100 Objects by Neil MacGregor. It has a Buddha's head from the temple of Borobudur in Java where I went to with Peter Makowski. And I'm reading 10 Billion Days & 100 Billion Nights by Ryu Mitsuse, described as the GREATEST Japanese science fiction novel of all time...