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July 29

Saw Mike Tramp for breakfast then did a photo shoot with him in an old German church. Mike wore an Indian headdress, the kind of thing Sitting Bull would wear while having the 7th Cavalry butchered. He also had a SS Officer's cap a la Lemmy. There was a statue of the grim reaper carrying off a baby. You'd never see that in England...
It was fun shooting with Mike who gave me an inscribed copy of his Danish biography.

Off home later today.

Got this email from Rie

I was at the Metallica show on July 28th and just wanted to tell you that the song that Lars sang at the end is a song called 'Kvinde Min' by the very popular Danish pop rock band Gasolin, now it's not really my kind of music, but it was fun to hear since I grew up listening to Gasolin on the radio everyday. Anyways, just wanted to let you know ;)
Btw, I love your photos, they're amazing. I enjoy reading your diary as well :

July 28

I walked all over Cophenhagen to find a record store, found it after three hours and it had closed down - Jesus hates me...

Last night of Metallica at the not so fabulous Forum. The hall reminds me of a prison or those dank halls you get in Eastern Europe. They played Ecstasy Of Gold from The Good The Bad And The Ugly for the first time and James even played drums for a minute, plus Lars sang a Danish song that was truly awful. Robert came over to me and said 'I've no idea what this is.' It was the kind of thing that Denmark would have had in the Eurovision song contest, and it was truly Lars...

The last time I was with Metallica here was in 1991 on the Black Album tour. It was my birthday and I remember King Diamond and Metallica taking me to dinner. It seems a long time ago. In fact, it was a long time ago.

July 27

Metallica from the Copenhagen Forum...


Back to Denmark today, the Copenhagen Forum, the venue from hell - another quiet night with Metallica.

I had a phone call at midnight from Jimmy Hubbard asking if I can be in California tomorrow to shoot Kiss. The magazine in question had already given the job away so this call was a formality. Of course I couldn't get to Califuckingfornia by tomorrow - I was pissed off.People have no respect for other people in this business...

Here's some Heavy Metal Thunder from last week...


Plus Rock'n'roll John Bionelli from Las Vegas kindly posing with his new assistant. Next week John and Steven Tyler pose naked for Aeroforce One just for Donnie Shiteman, Aerosmith's camp assistant...



July 26

Spent today looking for stuff. Dug into my loft, found hundreds of magazines plus lots of copies of Sounds from the 70s and early 80s with features I'd done with Geoff Barton and Pete Makowski. The issue of Sounds with Samson on the cover has a NWOBHM feature and the first use of the word Kerrang. Even some photos of Mick Wall and me from the pool of the Sunset Marquis, holding up drinks - we made it into a Christmas card and sent the cards to people we knew didn't like us and a lot of people never forgave us for it. Just shows you how juvenile the business really is.

Found a hand-written letter from Pete Way apologizing for not contacting me as he'd been in rehab, and wanted to re-connect. He should do that now... Also found a few boxes of records I'd shot the covers for and forgotten about, stuff like Steve Vai-Passion And Warfare, Metallica-Creeping Death 12 inch, Vardis-The Lions Share, Cock Sparrer, Riot-Fire Down Under (which I remember shooting in the Drake Hotel in New York), Rainbow-Final Vinyl, Metallica-Garage Days EP, Sammy Hagar-Loud And Clear (on red vinyl), PIL-Album 9, Oi-The Album (yes I know it's shit but it's still a cover I like), London-Friday On My Mind 12 Inch, Anvil-Jackhammer 12 Inch, and my personal favourite, M-80-Don Costa where my name is spelt Ross Halsin (it really upset me at the time). I even have the Sweet Pain LP featuring Corky Gunn (Vodka and Anything) and Ronnie Taz (Cocaine Cordials), this is one of Phil Collen and my all-time fave records, just for the cover art work and copy. Plus it has the greatest rock song ever, Back In LA, where they sing " Johnny's in the back and he's making a deal, Kelly's in the car just coppin a feel. Back in LA" Perfect.

What made my Sunday was unearthing Golden Earring's 1982 12 inch that has a song called King Dark which the band told me they hated. It's one of my favourite songs, and to top it off I found a box of my Naked Man Calendars from '93 - kept a couple threw the rest in the bin...

July 25

Flew home yesterday, one of those days that NEVER end. Some knob was late for the gate so we waited an hour while they looked for his bags. I watched this out of the plane window - why they didn't just let him on so we could have gone is beyond me. So we fly to London then are told we must circle and we do flying round and round for an hour - now two hours late. It started to make me nauseous, at one point I thought 'here I go, I'm going to throw up in a paper bag.' I nearly did...

Looked down at a black London through black clouds, saw what looked like a giant empty tea saucer and realised it was the new olympic stadium in shitty depressing east London. It looked miles away from docklands. How they expect people to go out to that shithole where the games are going to be is an insult to intelligence. The world has a surprise waiting out there - muggings, crime, a dump in the middle of nowhere.

We finally flew along London to sunny Heathrow. The pilot told us the storms now over London were moving across the airport. The next bit of joy was waiting for the luggage at terminal five, only an hour and a half, just in time to drive home in the middle of Friday evening rush hour. It took six hours to get from Denmark to home.

Then my son phones me from Buenos Aires where I'd treated him to a flight to see his friend Ashley. Oliver filled his luggage up with various spices and jerk chicken as Ashley loves KFC, and a few t-shirts. I'd told him early in the week that it would be cold - he wouldn't believe me of course. Oliver even asked the cab driver if was warm (I told him it was near the south pole) as in how can the south pole be as cold as the north pole if it's in the south? My son's at University but as you may have guessed he's not doing geography. Oliver informs me it's freeeeeeeeeeeeeezing down there and the money I'd given him for the trip he's had to spend on clothes. For about ten minutes had visions of him being found frozen on an ice berg.

Finished last night with a intellectual dvd double bill I got for £6.00 in the HMV shop - Essex Boys and Rise Of The Footsoldier. It was a night full of "I'll have you" and "We're the Inter City Firm" plus a bit of "Millwall scum". Lovely.

Today is hot sunny and I go to see my friend Gordon Gheller for lunch, treating myself to a pair of shoes to go with the hundred other pairs. Still, I felt better, well, a bit better anyway.

David Ling (aged 57) has declared the new Alice In Chains cd to be the album of the year - or he'd had too much wine. I haven't heard it and David, it is the wine - I don't need to hear it. Then again old Dave does like Dream Theater and Mr Big and even Airace, or best of all, as Pete Makowski pointed, out It Bites... Then again old David does support QPR so he has some taste. I'm off to play the Mighty Judas Priest, some real music.

Mojo magazine has a spread on Jeff Beck with photos from Brighton and the Albert Hall with Diamond David Gilmour quaffing champagne, plus JB with the poster Jimmy Page bought him for his birthday. It's a good piece written by Peter Makowski.

July 23

I wake up and think, let's enjoy the day. I open the curtains and it's pouring down - I'm going to jump off my balcony...

I had breakfast with Mike Tramp who I haven't seen in several million years. Mike told me his plans and, after listening to him instruct me on how to run my life, I am fully inclined to think Danish people are crazy.

The sun came out and it was a beautiful day. I walked around until 3.30 when the rain came again in full force. I went out to see Herr Ulrich - did some photos in the woods while he ran and I followed him on a bicycle trying to take photos and not fall off (I am not making this up). I couldn't work out if it was productive or not. I later photographed young Ulrich before he went on stage - naked, or nearly naked. Yes, it was nearly just like the old days...


A Mexican Newspaper featuring yours truly


July 22

Off to Denmark and I have a chest infection so I'm feeling extra sorry for myself, as every time I cough I feel like I'm being beaten. So I leave sunny London to overcast rainy Cophenhagen. Flying here was no fun, like being on a roller coaster.

The wonderful venue, The Forum, has no backstage, just some partitioned plywood walls with no ceiling so you are in the crowd, getting boom boom boom echoing all night. It is like a giant heavy metal party except you can't escape. My idea of hell! The upstairs balcony is awash in Tuborg beer, if you slipped over you'd drown or end up drunk. The locals don't seem to mind at all, screaming...! Well, I can't tell you what they were screaming, it was in Danish. The venue had no air conditioning so on the main floor it had to be forty degrees.


Now the one good thing was that because of this the lights hung in the air with the heat and sweat, and I got the best photos I've taken yet of Metallica on this tour (old-school style), it was like shooting, say, Iron Maiden in Spain in the early 80s which was always in a sweat box. Photography wise I had a good time, it was in that sense perfect.

July 20

Peter Makowski was incensed by Mick Wall's review of the Deep Purple cd Highlights in Classic Rock. 'What does Mick know about them - NOTHING!' screamed Peter with Polish venom. Now Peter, that is not fair, Michael Wall is quite correct in saying that Geoff Barton's sleeve notes are lightweight, considering Geoff was paid £5,000 for writing nonsense. Come on, the kids, or in this case the old folks who buy this need more info - where it was recorded, year, date, all that train-spotter stuff that people who still live with their parents need to know. I loved it and so did Lars but Mick is right, it could have been soooooooo much better. 'I'm having him deported back to Ireland to pick potatoes,' said Pete and I know he means it. Just like his family had my lot deported during the war...

Phil Mogg rang me today. I haven't spoken to him in at least ten years. The funny thing is as soon as Phil rang I recognized his voice. We both commented on the sad decline of Pete Way. It would be good if they could all get it together and do UFO properly with the classic line up, but I doubt it.

I have a Facebook page which, not really understanding it etc, I don't go to that much. I've culled my "friends" down to people I physically know. This is not out of any disrespect or anything like that, I'd just like to restrict it to people I've met. You can still contact me via this website. I hope not to offend anyone by this...

I was supposed to be in Denmark tonight with Metallica but as I'm feeling frail I'll be going later this week...

Here you are children, proof why people should not drink. Brett from Mastodon and Pepper from Down.

Some more pictures from the Quart Festival in Norway.

July 19

Run down at the moment with a chest infection - and the boring jokes of 'have you got swine flu?' Too much flying, I always get it.

Watched two films yesterday, Martyrs, a French film which was so vile (not because it was made by the French but hey, that's a good reason anyway!) and graphically violent I fast-forwarded to the end. The only good bit is the actress Mylene Jampanoi, very nice. The second film was The Scarlet Letter with the even lovelier Lee Eun Joo who I googled and found out she'd killed herself after making this. I was in love, my Pictures Of Lily moment (If you like The Who you'll understand).

Been reading -

UFO In Her Eyes - Xiaolu Guo
Map Of The Invisible World - Tash Aw
Got A Revolution - Jeff Tamarkin. All about The Jefferson Airplane and what a unpleasant person Grace Slick was drunk - show me someone who isn't. Not necessarily vile but everybody's a wanker drunk, it's just at which level of a wanker you are..
Woodstock, Three Days That Rocked The World. Grovelling book on forty years of Woodstock, has some okay photos and the setlists and times the band played, otherwise forget it. "We are stardust" and all that crap...

Fuck it, I'm going back to Sunday night's boring TV...

July 15

Had the day in Barcelona then flew home early evening. As we took off I changed seats and missed the Pyrenees in the mist of the end of the day - I could have kicked myself. Back home circled above the south downs for forty minutes and felt sick, I thought I was going to throw up. Like being on a dodgem at a funfair. Got some clouds and a bit of London.

We then had to take a bus to customs and wait an hour for the luggage. It was one of those journeys where you think how truly bad Heathrow Airport is. I watched immigration being vile to Chinese people coming in from Bejing - welcome to England! I finally got home and expect to be jetlagged.

Barcelona to London


Spoke to Joe Perry (in Florida) on the phone about maybe shooting him soon. I might try to go to Bali the end of the month then on to Flores - I feel I need to shoot something different.

July 14

I woke up today at 12.40! I never sleep that late, I'm always up at before 8am. Felt weird, like I'd lost the day, it bugged me all day...

In Barcelona had an hour in the sun then off to Madrid with half of Metallica. Got in late afternoon then went record shopping with my friend Gustavo from Venezuela. I got a copy of Moontan with a different cover and he gave me Le Majors De Who which has Golden Earring on the cover.

Got back to the show in time to shoot James warming up on his flying V playing a bit of Rock Bottom. Was shooting tonight without a real purpose (as in not for a magazine etc) so I tried to shoot the show in a different way - didn't go onstage. Got some good Lars photos - I might even post them.


It's 2.30am as I write this and I still feel my day was lost, so I've booked three wake up calls. Never lose a day - especially when you're not using...

July 12

It's Peter Makowski's birthday and he's old as in really old. Not as old as Dave Ling but not far off. I meet up with Peter in Amsterdam airport where we are being picked up to be driven to the Bosspop Festival. I think it's just down the road, it turns out to be 180km which turns into a long two hour drive after a two hour flight. Tired, must be the old age.

I meet up first with Brian Wheat. We drink coffee and soup to wake up and warm up. One minute it's cold and raining, then baking summer hot, and everybody here is smoking more than in Spain which is something...

Jeff Beck arrives with Peter Mackay, his tour manager (one of the finest humans to walk this earth). I sit and shoot Jeff as he warms up, then his show. It is pouring down as he goes on, then as he walks on bright sunshine. After Jeff I shoot Tesla - I'm doing photos for their live in Europe cd. The crowd are stoned, in fact everybody in the crowd is stoned on both stages.


Jeff Beck at the Bosspop Festival

As it's Sunday I have a theological discussion with Troy (Tesla's drummer) about God and Jesus. I don't think JC is the miracle man he's put up to be - Troy is incensed as well because Brian and I don't believe and love the Bible. I tell Troy as much as I would LIKE to think it is true my God is not waiting for me on some fluffy white cloud. Troy is truly disgusted with both Brian and I. I point out that if God loved us why did he create Jeff Keith. I rest my case. I leave as Troy is on his knees, hands clasped, praying for God and Jesus to deliver Brian from my evil ways.

Tesla at Bosspop


Chickenfoot arrive and I shoot Jeff Beck who is jamming (playing Sammy Hagar's Les Paul) with Chad Smith, Joe Satriani and Tal. They even do a bad version of Thunderstruck, over and over... Peter and I chat with Sammy before the show about being fired from Montrose. Sammy made a point of working the room talking to everyone, even the retarded Jeff Keith, although I can't begin to imagine what they talked about. Jeff was drinking and even more moronic, following me around as if I'm the pied piper. He needs to be sectioned.

Good to shoot Chickenfoot, nice light, smoke, lots of beams of light, and backstage with them is nice, no egos at all.

See more...

Finished the evening in a Thai bar celebrating Peter's birthday in a house of love, as Tesla sing Love is all around.

And here's a message from Peter Makowski

Love your picture of Trujillo...

If you get the time or inclination could you plug my Blog, which your fans and enemies can access by googling rocksbackpages.com, going to writer's blogs and looking up my name.

ps.... I'm engaged to a Thai Dutch girl.

July 11

In Barcelona I found a street with lots of old record shops. Most were full of hardcore metal rubbish but I found one with some old Led Zep vinyl plus loads of Hendrix. I had a good mooch around. In the old days Lars and Kirk would have been with me, buying loads. I can't see them buying records now.

Sonisphere Festival today and the last show of the Slipknot tour. Saw Clown who invited me up to shoot whatever. The "Legendary" Robb Flynn was screaming from the stage. I deciphered 'Uuuuuuughh' then 'Arghhhhh' several times. Joking aside I like Machinehead; they appreciate what they do and have a large following. And "The Kidz" love them. So, for the Slipknot set I wandered literally around the stage, next to Joey, Clown, Sid etc. It was fun as I didn't have a purpose, I could just photograph anything I wanted. Clown gave me his mallets at the end of the show.

Phil Anselmo did some portraits for me with his new mohawk style hair - I got the Cowboys from Hell tattoo in the photo.

Lars, Kazuyo and I did photo approval going through the pictures from Nimes. Lars looked at the photos. 'I need more hair,' he deadpanned. 'As in the '91 tour tour?' I asked. 'Don't worry',says Kaz, 'I'll sort it out. Anything for Lars.'

Metallica's stage is high, which is okay-ish. The reality is it's limiting with what you can shoot. I opt for shooting from the platform above the mixing desk. It has a 360 degree view and a bar. My problem is that it's full of Mastodon and friends, wasted, drinking as if it's the last day on earth. I ask a couple of them to move and they instantly become aggressive as only drunk people can. One of their roadies is full of 'fuck you's' to Kazuyo who looks on them in disgust.

Phil from Machinehead is up there and intervenes - which is very cool of him. Pepper from Down is also drinking. The difference is Pepper can hold his drink and is friendly without the malice. Brett, Mastodon's guitarist, is topless with one arm in the air, he gives the impression of someone doing the highland fling. Pepper wants a photo with Brett, who says my name, which he conjures up from the recesses of his mind, lurching in front of me. So I shot the huge airburst from the beginning and the end of Sandman, then left Mastodon to bark at the moon. As Pepper said 'They're going to learn about drinking the hard way.' I always thought that drinking was supposed to be fun.

More Jeff Beck. See more...


July 9

In Lisbon and it's sunny and pleasant - I could even live here.

The show is the Festival Optimus by the water featuring Mastodon, Lamb Of God, Machine Head with the legendary Robb Flynn, Slipknot and Metallica. I go over a bit early and see a tattooed down and out walking in circles talking to himself and playing imaginary drums.It's the guitarist of Mastodon, he even keeps pulling up his t-shirt to rub his tattooed belly. I think he must be having a good time ina world only he knows exist. I watch people looking at him and then hurrying the other way. It becomes quite entertaining in a perverse way. The best bit was when he was staggering around the catering tent on one leg swaying like the leaning tower of Pisa trying to focus on the menu...

I speak to Mastodon's bassist who I tell I heard that their PR says they are 'AN ART ROCK BAND, NOT A METAL BAND.' He looks slightly embarrassed and says 'We're a ROCK band...'

Went and shot Slipknot which was good, I just wandered around the stage. Metallica had a different lighting rig so that was challenging. And a high stage which is always a pain with what I do.



Slipknot. See more Slipknot...


July 8

The Master in Nimes, waiting for Metallica, sent by Francis Zegut. And enjoying the photographic delights of Chickenfoot, photo by Joseph Bagur.



Jeff Beck at The Royal Albert Hall. See more...


Travel pictures


July 7

Walked around Nimes and had cafe au lait and macaroons, as you do in the south of France. Then got ready for Metallica, which was hard to shoot as it was being filmed. Easier than Mexico though - the stage was lower but different as there were less lights and it was much harsher light, more contrasty. Sort of enjoyed it.

Climbed to the top of the coliseum. It was now full of French which was a pain in the arse. Still, The Master got his photos. Kazuyo even photographed Lars and the man of his dreams, and Peter Makowski interviewed the Four Horsemen.

A productive day...


More pictures from the Mojo Awards. See more...

July 6

Off to Nimes in the south of France for Metallica. Now Nimes is not exactly the easiest place to get to. First go to Paris on the train - two hours to St Pancras plus three hours to Paris - then change stations and three and a half hours to Nimes on the super fast TGV. So, only nine and a half hours to France. Fuck it, ermm - no!


Arrived into Montpelier then we drove for an hour to Nimes. The hotel was the one star luxury of a Novotel, a block from the Roman Coliseum. Now for all my moaning the Coliseum was impressive. We climbed to the top as I had visions of wild animals ripping Christians to pieces. History had some good bits. Later I went back up with James and Kirk to take some photos.

Shot a quick sound check with the band then a quick group shot of them onstage. Got Lars to go through my photos from Mexico. When Pete told Lars we were at the Novotel, Lars said 'I wish I was there with my people.' Pete and I instantly offered to swap rooms. Herr Ulrich politely declined as he headed off for a midnight dinner - to meet his people...


July 4

The Royal Albert Hall tonight for Jeff Beck. I got there mid-afternoon in time for soundcheck. Jeff was onstage with David Gilmour playing Jerusalem (maybe as an ode to their schoolboy past - being caned etc...), then they did Hi Ho Silver Lining with David singing and playing guitar. Diamond Dave tried to get Jeff to sing - he got around it by bringing on Imelda May. Got some photos of them playing the whole of Echoes plus Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts One and Two, then headed off into the hot sunny afternoon for a look around Harvey Nichol's with Peter Makowski and General Noriaga in tow. The staff in the perfume department were looking down there noses at us which I kind of don't blame them for as they looked at Peter who had just finished his Big Mac meal and was wiping his hands on his t-shirt while looking for a counter he could leave the wrapper on - then asking can he try some free aftershave to get rid of the aroma of Mac and fries...

Got back to the Albert Hall and shot the beginning of the show and was instantly threatened by a fifty-something man with 'I paid a lot for this seat.' I said we'll only be here for five minutes, then he gets nastier with a full on thug 'I'll have you etc...' I ignored him so he started on Nori, 'Look why don't you grow up and fuck off and act your age.' He then tells me 'You're a dead man,' with venom. There is nothing worse than a half drunk older person who still thinks he can fight - all they do is give off malice...

Spend most of the show having a wander around the hall high up which I've never done before. Come back down to the front for the end of the show with Diamond Dave and Jeff, who this time does sing a bit of Hi-Ho. They even do a guitar duel on Jerusalem (really they do). I even manage to finish shooting the show alive...

There is drinks after, lots of champagne and it's one of those where you don't feel like you shouldn't be there. Dave is standing in the hall and Jeff is wandering around. I get the very helpful Serena to get Dave to do a quick interview with Pete who embarrassingly offers him half of the Big Mac he has in his bag. I get Jeff and David to do some photos as Dave said 'Oh, get us while we're pissed,' and I do. I go back later and show David the photos. He looks then says 'That's nice, is that me and Polly (his wife)? 'No, you and Jeff'. 'Oh hang on, must put on my glasses.' David had impeccable manners and was a true gentleman. I even got photos of Jeff and most of the Young Ones...

Here's what I've been listening to this American holiday weekend...

The Dead Weather - Horehound
The Eels - Hombre Loco. It is so BAD, I mean rubbish. All the beautiful things is good standard Eels fare, the rest of it is an insult to the listener. Mark E should set up a return address to get your money back.
Raging Bull - Original Soundtrack
Sa Dingding - Harmony
Boh Runga - Right Here
The Faces - Fillmore West 1970 - the original Oasis.

Also watched on dvd

Love And Honour - Japanese feudal film
Flame And Citron - Danish war film - it's good.
The Good The Bad The Weird - Korean update on The Good The Bad The Ugly, and it's good...

A belated happy birthday to Dave Ling who turned fifty-seven last week. He's planning to cut off his hair like his old heroes are now forced to do. Do say hello to the old fella if you see him at Thunder's farewell show next weekend...

July 3

I've just put up more Chickenfoot. See more...


July 2

My new cover with James Hetfield .....




July 1

After vowing that I'd get no more dawn flights I had to get up at 5am to fly to Copenhagen then on to Norway, to Kristiansand. I'm at a festival that Slash is headlining with friends, as in Ozzy, Fergie, Franky (who I know as a solo artist) and Ronnie Wood. After no sleep I get there and hang around all day doing nothing. The site is on a picturesque fjord but with nothing to do. Nowhere to even get a coffee.This was not exactly fun fun fun...

Ozzy arrives first at around 7pm. Over dinner I tell Ozzy and Sharon how much fun it was to deal with Heaven And Hell, and it is a lot more pleasant with the Osbourne camp. Slash arrives next and I make him do photos in the woods with Ozzy, Ron Wood and Fergie plus guitarist John Five who looked like he couldn't decide if he wanted to be a goth or metal guitarist. He had the appearance of a grown man dressed as a twelve year old. Ronnie Wood was with Jimmy White, who I last saw drunk in the Hand In Hand pub in Wimbledon in the 80s. It was relaxed backstage in the woods. It made me think of Noddy and the Golliwogs plus Big Ears would appear at any moment - If you're from the 50s and English you'll understand.

I started shooting from the stage - here's the set list and what songs people sang on...

Immigrant Song, Highway to Hell, Hair of the Dog, Thunderkiss 65, Slithery, Fall to Pieces - Franky

Night Train - Leah

Black Dog, Barracuda, Sweet Child o' Mine - Fergie

Stay With Me, Its Only Rock & Roll, Honky Tonk Women, Heaven's door - Ronnie

War Pigs, I Don't Know, Crazy Train, Paranoid - Ozzy

Encores - Whole Lotta Love - Fergie, Paradise City

Jason Bonham played drums and I must say he was right on it, he nailed every song. Fergie was good as well and Franky should be hired by someone as a front man soon - he rocked (it sounds terribly American, but he did). Plus Slash was fully on it too. Ozzy was having a good time, the crowd went crazy when he came on and they were young teenagers. He soaked everyone in foam (me included). I left with the Osbourne's during the encores. We flew back to London, got home at 3am...

I am tired today, still, I had a good time. Slash should do this more often, it beats rubbish like Camp Freddie hands down.

Kazuyo told me this morning that Jamie, Madonna's homosexual keeper of her dressing room, (Plus Aerosmith, The Police and many more) has finally come out and he says I should follow him soon. Jamie thinks I'm a bummer (Olde English word for a homosexual). I'd own up if I loved men - look it doesn't bother me unlike some true sexually suppressed homos I know like John Bionelli and Donnie Shiteman. If only they owned up their lives would be more fulfilled - by men...

Slash, and friends in Norway, including Ozzy, Ronnie Wood, Jason Bonham and Fergie.


Some more pictures from The Gods of Metal Festival

Motley Crue. See more...

A tribute to RH from Tesla




Black Sabbath. Oops, I mean Heaven and Hell...