These photographs were taken in Capetown February 1st, 2nd, 3rd 2001 . . . these are really a tribute to drummer Jon Lee who committed suicide.

I don't know the band very well but I did like them . . .


I have a fond memory of getting drunk with Jon in a bar in Capetown, talking about both of our sad relationships with women . . . another funny thing was Grant Nicholas asking journalist Ian Winwood if I was any good as a photographer and how long I had been doing it for.


He was concerned that my photos wouldn't be any good, I told Ian to tell him it was my first job.

At dinner Grant expressed concern as to whether I could take pictures as well as Scarlet Page, a photographer he liked . . . I pointed our in a not so pleasant tone that she was my assistant for two years . . . let's just say Grant was very red-faced, while a bemused Taka Hirose looked on.

I must say I do like Feeder and enjoyed my weekend away. My favourite shot is of Grant looking bored. and the others asleep at Capetown Airport.