Shot them a few times early on,

...never did them live, I was too lazy. I remember the first time I shot them they came in with an entourage of fifty hangers-on. It was a bit like the Rolling Stones, which I suppose they were. A photo from that session is on the cover of Greatest Hits. Still friendly with all of them except Axl.

January 16th

Slash, Munky, Daron Malakian, Dean DeLeo, John Frusciante, Tom Morello all turn up at 6pm to do my idea (well, Brad Tolinski's as well) of the ultimate guitarists.  Just as we get everyone lined up with Jimmy and Joe, I hear a motorbike revving up outside... Zakk Wylde has arrived! He wants to ride his bike into the studio...  Wilf Wright manages to persuade him not to ... Zakk walks in, and is... how can I put it?... is Zakk.

Jimmy, Slash, Wilf and I escape from Zakk to the House Of Blues, meet up with Joe and his bodyguard "Rock'n Roll John Bionelli" to see the godfather of soul James Brown (he is amazing).