The Defenders of the Faith

First band I ever shot in America, opening for KISS on the "Hell Bent For Leather Tour"--or "Killing Machine" as it was called in England. Great band, great riffs, highly underrated. I always call Rob Halford the Pain Killer to his face, which he hates. Rob is one of the nicest people you can ever meet. Glen Tipton is one of the funniest.

Rob bit me once; it was the first Donnington Festival and it was a mudbath. I'd been shooting in the mud all day and ran into a very drunk Glen and Rob at the backstage area which were some stables or a garage. All I remember is it was damp and cold and miserable. I said "I haven't eaten all day, I'm starving." I felt these two teeth sink into my shoulder and a drunk Rob said "You can eat me anytime mate."

I'm going to try and dig out stuff of them in the next few months. They're one of the bands I've always enjoyed shooting live...great live band.