November 26, 2006

A very packed Boom Boom club had Pat Travers on. He opened with Hooked On Music. He had a good sound and his band were tight. He played Heat In The Street, Life In London, a surprisingly good version of Red House, and Snorting Whisky - and of course Boom Boom Out Go the Lights. His drummer Eric was a speed metal drummer, who came over and introduced himself to me during one of Pat's guitar solos. Eric added quite a dimension to the fills - imagine Dave Lombardo from Slayer and you'll get the idea.

These pictures are from Hammersmith, '78 or '79, can't honestly remember.

A good entertaining band, never understood why he wasn't bigger, although he did become a victim of cocaine. Heard he's clean now. When I was in Nepal, I went for a run and put my ipod on random. The first song was Rock And Roll Susie followed by Sitting On Top Of The World, both by Pat Travers. And I was on the top of the world. Pat must have good karma...