Seattle September 12th '02

Shot in the band's rehearsal studio. The idiot from the record company said in all seriousness "Hey! You've got five minutes!" He thought he was doing me a favour. Idiot! Managed to stretch it out for 20 minutes. Apparently I'm now banned from shooting them again for this awful crime. Also he hated the fact I called Eddie Edward and Jeff Jeffery. It's a hard old world being in a successful band.

Can't work out if they like me. They are superficially friendly, especially Eddie. Then again everyone says he's the problem. The people that work for them are very hard work....but maybe that's Eddie, who knows?

April 24, 2006

I am meant to have half an hour and I want the allotted time. Stone Gossard arrives first and looks frankly bored, then Mike McCready, Jeff Ament and Matt Cameron... Matt asks what I've been doing 'Listening to Soundgarden'... 'Did you try and kill yourself after? '... finally Edward Vedder arrives.

Edward Vedder, West Hollywood, California, July 2002