July 3, 2005

Spent the weekend in sunny Denmark. Went to Roskilde on Friday - watched Snoop Doggy Dog and his posse of five thousand. Shot Audioslave, who I enjoyed, and Black Sabbath. Nice day - huge crowd.

Got a great photo of John Bionelli carrying Wilf Wright's bags...

July 1, 2005

I quite enjoyed my exhibition, to be honest. A load of my friends turned up, including Oliver Halfin, Phil Alexander (editor and tv celebrity), Dave Brolan (photographers agent), Mark Blake (prog rock expert), Benjamin Mitchell (writer), Peter Makowski, Michael Wall, Scott Rowley (editor and linguist), Matthew Kent (Pete Townshend's south-east London correspondent) and Jimmy Page (guitarist), who spent most of the evening being harassed by people.

Barry "Bazza" Drinkwater (wealthy philanthropist) invited me out for dinner, and then got my agent, Simon, to pay...

December 27

I did a portrait of Peter Makowski as a Christmas present. 'Please make me look young for the bar girls', he begged. I've tried... Peter is still going to Thailand - I must point out we are not going together or for the same reason!

December 2

The Proud gallery Icons show - I'd never been to the gallery in Camden Town, it was quite impressive... Saw a lot of people I haven't seen in years, including Paul Slattery and Jill Furmanovsky... And Matt 'Jack' Kent and his new boyfriend, Brian, who'd just come from an audition for the Kings Of Leon. Kazuyo (who works for me) was so drunk she could hardly speak English... She keeps trying to get me to go out with her friend Ryoko, shouting 'She likes youuuuuuuuuuu - you're in, my son!' etc... She learnt her English from Jack... The DJ was playing '70's stuff.

November 17

Went to see Thunder and Deep Purple last night...Danny Bowes was very entertaining, he nearly threw in the kitchen sink...Went with my assistant Jimmy Page and our driver, Barry, who'd been let out on leave from Banstead psychiatric home. Do a quick snap of James, Daniel and Lucifer, then Deep Purple, who I haven't seen in years...