Lucifer Morley has asked me to answer some questions for his fiance who's still at college - here they are…

Huge thanks from Rachael

I myself love to take photographs of bands when I attend gigs and such, what advice would you give someone who wants to take up photography fulltime?

Don't bother. It is too controlled by the management and record companies.

How do you select your final photos that are to be used in magazines and so on?

I don't. The magazines, editors etc pick them.

Who inspired you to take up photography?

Fin Costello, Irish photographer who I have met recently and dislike intensely. He's very arrogant.

For the music photography, do you take photos for your personal use as well as work?

Yes if I like the subject matter.

What's the best equipment to use?

Whatever you find easiest.

What do you think of the new digital age, do you think it's an  improvement in the industry?

I have no idea. I'm a film person who's been forced to use digital.

Have any of your final photos that are to be used for magazines ever been airbrushed?

Only on vain people who won't relinquish the idea that they are not 16.

Who's the most interesting character you have ever photographed  in the music industry?

Luke Morley, trying to hide his several chins. He's always interesting especially on tour when he's trying to pick up females half his age.

I myself am a massive led zeppelin fan, what were they like  to photograph?

If you'd shot them in 1975, they looked amazing. After that, too drugged out.

Did you ever go on tour with any of the bands/artists?

Have I ever been on tour…? Ummmmm, why don't you look at my website?

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