I get loads of questions about why I do what I do and can I help people at college – here is an email I received which had just about all the questions I get asked (many times). Please don't ask me to reply to these anymore as they drive me mad - and make me feel guilty for not replying to them...

hi there ross,

my name is xxxxxxxxx im a second year photography student at the university of wolverhampton. im currently doing a research project on music photography and the industry - ive been shooting gigs for about 5 years now and came across your work when i started out, its just amazing! i wondered if you would mind answering a few questions for me on this subject, please feel free to comment on anything you think might be helpful to me which i havent covered in my questions, thanks,

ps can you please email me your responses by tues? thanks!

What made you start taking photographs?
What got you started with music photography?
What genres of photography interested you most and who inspired you when you started out?

No one really inspired me although I liked Fin Costello's photos a lot in the 70's.

Do you have any photography/art related qualifications?


How did you learn the skills/techniques invloved in photography?

By doing it.

How did you go about starting out in music photography?

I got started by sneaking my camera into shows.

What equipment did you use to start with?

My first camera was a Pentax Spotmatic though my first real camera was an Olympus OM 1

Did you process/print your own work?
Do you print/process your own work now?

I never did my own processing, always used a pro lab

How did you find your early results?

I like my early photos a lot more now - well, the black and white stuff

What kind of work are you focusing on at the moment?

At the moment I'm enjoying shooting a lot more travel pictures

What would you do now differently?

If I did things differently - I'd never become a photographer. Well, I think that's a stupid question.

What equipment do you use now?

If you want to know my cameras look on my Equipment page ...Go there

How has your approach changed?

My approach hasn't changed. Maybe my lifestyle - no drugs etc.

Do you get commissioned to work on certain things? eg album shoots?
Do you work as a freelance or do you produce work solely for a certain company/band/record label/venue?
Do you do studio or location work for certain people too? outside of commissions?

I work for myself and for whoever will pay me - hopefully the most money

In this genre of work what or who would be your dream to shoot?

There is no one I dream of shooting, they are all dead or too old... Well, I'd LOVE to shoot Maggie Cheung, Zang Ziyi or Koyuki...

Who/what are your main influences now?

I have no influences now

Do you have your own studio space?

I don't have a studio, I rent one when I need to

Do you have your own gallery space?

I don't have a gallery

Has your work been publicised?
Where does your work normally end up (the finished image) eg magazines?

My work has been published - look on Magazines

Can you support yourself financially on this work alone?

I hope I can support myself financially, though that's a matter of opinion

What do you charge for your original prints from the darkroom or from the computer?

You can buy my prints and various other things - look under the Sales page ...Go there

What would you like to see yourself doing in 10 years from now?

In ten years time I intend to have won the lottery and so that I can ignore all of this...

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