Well first of all, thank you for this interview, I will like to now were do you are? Were do you are going to answer this questions?

You are become a legend, and your make of your career so big, and most at the artist that you are photographed, how Ross Halfin get to do that?

How I became a legend? I'm not a legend - I work very hard.

How did stars your creative work, until your date the artist to the session, thru the end of the art work.

You should always try to do your best, unless you're working with Iron Maiden. Then don't bother, because they won't.

Which of your work’s you think it’s the best that you are made?

My best work is my travel photography.

What other photographer of the new school do you consider has the potential to assume your legacy?

A black homosexual photographer based in New York called Jimmy Hubbard.

You may have a thousand stories (Anecdotes) about bands; can you tell us one that comes to your head right now?

Why? So you have something for your website. Read mine.

Did you prefer digital photograph or analogy photograph?

I prefer film, but digital is taking over.

We now that you have a strong relation whit some of the members of Guns N´Roses, how you see the comeback of Axl Rose and company? And do you think threes any chance to see a future reunion of Slash or Duff in Guns N´Roses?

Of course Guns'n'Roses will reform. They're all greedy and there's too much money at stake.

Do you like to work in the project of Chinese Democracy?

Chinese Democracy is one of the greatest albums I have ever heard. It makes Appetite look like a demo.

Can you tell us about your special way to see photograph?

How do I see a photograph? With my eyes! Unless I am looking at the ones in Kerrang - then I close them.

We in Emporio Rock like to thank you for this special moment in this interview, I now that you are in Japan, can you tell us what do you do there, its is for work or for pleasure?

I have been in Japan phographing Iron Maiden, one of the most wonderful and uplifting experiences
of my life.

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