Twice I'd been asked to write this...twice.

The first time I thought he was joking with me, the second time he asked I knew he wasn't. "Write something about me for my website Northern (his lovable nickname for me!) You can write anything you want good or bad!!!" OK Ross, here I sit on a plane bound for New York trying to think of what to say from one photographer to another.

Mr. Halfin's name alone is enough to send most press people from record companies into a cold sweat. This man is renowned for his short fuse when it comes to bad time-keeping and messing around that most bands do, and suffers fools with weak excuses even less. Personally, I've known Ross now for quite a while and find his bark much worse than his bite, but boy is his bark loud!!!!!

His work roster over the years reads like a who's who in rock music. Christ he's even shooting Eminem now!! Metallica, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and Motley Crue. These are just a few, with a host of other bands who have had the pleasure of been shouted at in front of the man's lens. On top of that he has had covers on most of the world's rock magazines and been at Kerrang! right from the beginning...

Not long ago, one of the UK's leading monthly music magazines had an issue out which was entitled "100 greatest rock photographers published." This book puzzled me. While there were some great moments captured within its pages there was more than one average Rankin shot in there. More puzzling was the fact that Ross had no pictures in there at all.

Ever seen the amazing live Metallica shot of James Hetfield singing and ALL the crowded arms aloft saluting while chanting "Die Die" along with him??? Or the session shot of Soundgarden standing by the water's edge in Australia with the Sydney Opera House in the background?? Come on, if you're going to put out a book like this, this guy has to have work included in there!!!!

This just leaves me to say this: You don't stay in this business for as long as Ross has without being good at what you do. Very Good. Over the years Ross has seen many photographers come and go, and he's still up there at the top of his game. Personally I look forward to the old git retiring and giving the rest of us a chance!!!! (Only kidding) So there we go from one photographer to another, and by the way, he's not a bad friend either!!

Tony Woolliscroft

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