I don't really remember when I met Ross, but he was irritable and grumpy!

Well that's what I thought. I soon discovered that was an unusually good day for him.

The truth is he is unusually good at his job, and everyone grumbles about paying him what he's worth, which he grumbles about; so the upshot of this is that he's always irritable and grumpy - and if you don't like it - Fuck off!

I do remember first hearing about Ross. It was a comment to my manager when Iron Maiden first asked me to produce an album for them. He said "Don't do it! It'll never get finished!" It was a warning shot, across the bows, from the both of them. So I did it, and finished "Brave New World" in four months - exactly what we had planned. I think we have that don't-fucking-tell-me-what-to-do attitude in common.

Wolfgang! I was Wolfgang. Hated for my bizarre Germanic accent, which is a mixture of my heritage and constant relocations - South Africa, Australia, U.S. West Coast, East Coast, France and now sunny and sultry (weather and personality-wise) London! And I say hated because Ross hates everyone! The Germans (don't mention the war), the Russians, the Jews (even though he's one of the chosen himself) - the only ones given any quarter, are Oriental women. Pierced or not!

But what an eye - he's the Cartier-Bresson of Rock. No doubt! Just look at the pictures, don't take my word for it.

After the Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes show at the Greek Theatre, which I recorded for an album and Ross shot, I asked a favour of him. So Ross shot The Healing Sixes for me - they're a great band from Indianapolis who I signed to Caveman Productions and recorded an album for. I repaid the favour with a trip to Necker Island for Ross and a non-Japanese companion as my guests. I think there's nothing he likes more than bronzing his body in the sun. And it turns out, he can be fun!

Well, I did have an inkling that he could be fun from our time at the Rock In Rio festival in Brazil, where the girls are incredibly beautiful, omni-present and oh-so-friendly! He'd brought a girlfriend, who he was in the throes of breaking up with. Talk about taking ice to the Antarctic! So we went out - without her. To the best restaurant in Rio, where we had a gorgeous meal and about nine bottles of $300 wine. That's what it takes to have fun with Ross. I don't remember all that happened that evening - just that we were sitting with the guys from Silverchair and the Chili Peppers at some point of the night, but I do remember that Ross had to suffer through a Silverchair shoot in the middle of the following day, in the height of summer in Brazil -while I sat at the hotel pool, bronzing my body in the sun and eating a hamburger with Jimmy Page in his swimsuit and black socks!

The next day he took the brilliant live pics for Maiden's live DVD "Rock In Rio", after being kicked out of the Silverchair dressing room by their manager while shooting those brilliant post gig shots of the exhausted band in the dressing room! It's enough to make anyone irritable and grumpy, and it's to his credit that he has such a dedication to his craft, and we're all the richer for his art.

Kevin "Caveman" Shirley

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