prism processing back in the good ol days

hi ross ,

i dont know if your memory is like mine nowdays, but you must remember phil, michael, and that paddy with a short fuse, your thinking who the fuck this is. I was one of the lucky ones who nearly got there ugly faces in iron maiden"s book, but all we got was a little ad for prism what a fucking let down, theres me thinking my moment of glory.

Anyway how are you now days still globe trotting taking pictures, still wondering who could be emailing you at this time of night, about all that stuff about prism processing down in that dingy basement, by the way thanks for the def leppard tickets at wembley all those years ago, getting warmer are we, sorry for the run around you was allways one for straight talking no bullshit, good ol ross, well i still run around london on a motorbike, its in the blood feel bit like a junky HOOKED, must get out soon after nearly 20 years. Your pictures still look great, you must have worked it out by now who it is, time to go another day pounding the roads awaits me tomorrow.


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