Ross Halfin (Rock Photographer)

OK, Ross Halfin isn't a rock star, but this famed photographer's blog is interesting enough to qualify.

You might not know his name but chances are, if you've ever bought a music-related magazine you've seen Halfin's work. Halfin's tastes gravitate towards hard rock, hair metal and classic rock and he has taken photos of everyone from the Foo Fighters to Ozzy Osbourne to Def Leppard to the Who to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Halfin's blog is a diary of a life in near constant motion. He's constantly jet setting to somewhere in the world to take photos of this band or that legend. As if that wasn't enough, he's always running into the world's most famous rock stars in airports, hotels or bars.

His brief postings are a backstage pass to the life of one of rock's most well-connected men. He hangs with Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett at one of Cream's reunion concerts in London. He runs into Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan at the gym. He talks up Aerosmith's chef and nutritionist.

Last week in fact, Halfin said that he ran into the Black Crowes' Chris Robinson. This is just as every paparazzi in the world is looking to snap a photo of a bereft Robinson now that his marriage to sunny actress Kate Hudson is apparently on the rocks. But what does Halfin talk to him about? British prog-rock outfit Hawkwind and newbie Australian metalheads Wolfmother.


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