A nice collection of pictures of The Master photographing Rush in Stockholm.

Taken by my good friend Michael Johansson

A tattoo based on one of my pictures of Pete Townshend, sent by Jim Hayes. He wants me to sign it too...

Top of the morning to you too, Paul...

Here is a photo of Brad and I travelling around the world, sent to me by Randle Feagin. - life is good with the ordinary people...


ST gives The Master a few tips on how to photograph a rock superstar.

Picture by Kazuyo

The Master at work at the BBK Rock Festival. Bilbao, June 30, 2007.

Sent to me by my friend Gustavo


Thanks for putting up those wonderful pictures from Hyde Park, a great memory from a great show, even though it was so short.

Kind regards,

Anna Bokova, London

Hi Ross
Continuing the theme from the Aerosmith gig, I thought you might like this photo I took at Wembley on Sunday.
Although you're out of focus behind James, it couldn't really be anyone else could it?!

All the best

Steve Gerrard

Here's something from the gallery in the paper.

Had a nice plug for my show from the Evening Standard.

At the Dallas show a girl in the front row had a sign that read "Ross Halfin" I am a fan! I almost died...

John Bionelli

I was just going through my old photos and found this...

February 10th

Got a note from Tom Morello this morning which is really surprising, not many band members would do this...

British rock Photographer Ross Halfin was on the plane...

"The Jack the Ripper of photography." Ian Astbury, The Cult

James Hetfield, Metallica

Rolling Stones 40x20

Give him my quote. It's always good to have a few short quotes by and for short people. right? "Ross . . . rhymes with Toss . . . er"
Maynard, Tool

"Ross yells so loud, even his photos are scared." Josh Hommes, Queens of the Stone Age

Ross Halfin
Ross is a good ol' buddy of mine. We've shared many a great memory. Ross is great, you know. I think Ross is one of the consistently, more creative photographers out there. He always delivers excellent results. Ross is probably, to me, the number one rock n' roll photographer out there now.
Neil Zlozower

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