Billy Corgan is another person I cannot work out

He can be the nicest person in the world and turn left and be the biggest asshole you can ever deal with. He blows very much hot and cold. He's a very intense person. He once told me he could play like Ritchie Blackmore (the first show he ever saw--Rainbow at Alpine Valley Amp.) I found this very amusing...he was telling me this in earnest. For people who don't realize Blackmore is one of the great rock guitarists of all time. Check him out with Deep Purple.

Jimmy Chamberlain: all around nice guy and great drummer. James Iha: also one of the world's nice human beings. Darcy started off okay, looked like a china doll--then turned into George Michael. She had a strip of luminous gaffer tape put in the barricade at shows which you couldn't cross so you could only shoot her from one side. The bread doesn't fit the cheese, etc. Melissa auf de Maur who replaced her was charming. My ex-assistant Scarlet's favourite band.