Who / Shepperton Studios, May 1978

Show for the film "The Kids Are Alright". I only shot 2 rolls of film here. The Who's wanker PR had said "No photos" so I sneaked in one camera body and one lens. Ironically, these photos have been used extensively by The Who. These are my most asked after photos of The Who.


Pete Townshend / Hammersmith Odeon, Concerts for Kampuchea, December 1979

This was a pain in the arse to shoot. They had closed the photo pit. We had to shoot from the audience. Unfortunately for us, Rodger had invited the audience on stage so pandemonium broke out. One of the hardest shows I've ever shot.

Pete Townshend / The Brighton Centre, November 1979

This is one of my favourite photos. I've lost the original negs and the print you see is a lith print. If anyone out there finds my negs, please let me know.

Roger and Pete Jumping...The Brighton Centre,

Pete had split his trousers which you can see in this ....can't remember if this is the first or second night.