June 28, 2006

The band arrive to soundcheck, play Who Are You, Mike Post, and that's it. I sit in the band's dressing room shooting Roger and Simon Townshend running through songs. Early evening the sun comes out, just before The Who go on. They do change the set - no Mini Opera. Instead we get Let's See Action, Real Good Looking Boy and a drawn out My Generation. During Baba O'Reilly Pete even started doing a jig, or a mod dance, depending on how old you are. The last time I'd seen him do this was the 1975 UK Tour. Plus he looked like he was enjoying himself, strangely. Roger definitely was. He dedicated the show to Mike Shaw, The Who's first roadie, who was there. I got told off by the video guy for tapping my foot too much during Amazing Journey. Great show - they finished with Listening To You.

June 25, 2006

The show is better than Brighton, nice crowd lights. Get a couple of good PT jumping photos. Amazing Journey is drawn out with PT jamming - this is The Who at their best. I shoot the encores from behind Pete's amp. Get a crowd photo with Roger's mike way in the air. I'm pleased with myself (it makes a change from panicking about whether I've got anything worthwhile). It is like December now, it's so cold.