Shot them a lot I suppose, when I look back.

They always had a great light show. I like Sammy Hagar better than Dave. Sam was one of the first people I shot in San Francisco for Sounds magazine. I first saw them open for Black Sabbath at the Hammersmith Odeon, 1977 or '78. They had a PR called Heidi Robinson with them who was a complete bitch. She treated us photographers with contempt. She wanted photographers to sign a contract (this was unheard of at the time). Fuck her, none of us shot the show. I went out to watch them. They played for forty-five minutes and acted like the Mongol Hordes conquering Europe. The funniest part was David Lee Roth telling the crowd of smelly Sabbath fans that Hammersmith is "The Rock And Roll Capitol Of the FUCKING WORLD!"