OCTOBER 18 2017

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About ten years ago Anton Corbijn told me about a huge Golden Earring book that was coming out. He said I’ll get you a copy.
So when ever I’d run into Anton usually in LA - I’d remind him with ‘Where’s my book !’
I saw Anton in Amsterdam at the Metallica shows in September he was going out for the night with Lars. ‘I have your book’ and sure enough when I got to Paris Lars had carried my book. Now I have to say it is amazing, if you like Golden Earring it is the best historical photo book that exists except for it’s all in Dutch and my Dutch is not as good as my Japanese. Still a very big thank you to Anton and Lars.
So I’ve been playing Golden Earring a lot lately, 'To The Hilt'  ( Listen to Violins ) - 'Contraband' all of it especially 'Moontan' one of the most underrated records of all time. Radar Love is without a doubt one of the greatest singles ever and I never tire of hearing it plus Candy’s Going Bad and The Vanilla Queen.
A few of my photos, the outdoor ones are in the Hague in the early ’90’s same with the offstage. The others are from when they opened for RUSH at the Summit in Houston Texas 7th March 1983 on the SIGNALS Tour.