AUGUST 25 2016

Los Angeles...

Started off with Jeff Beck at the Hollywood Bowl. His 50th Anniversary show - Steven Tyler-Billy Gibbons-Jan Hammer... I have to say Jan and Jeff stole the show. The Hollywood Bowl people were the worst - talking to me as if I'm five. They had more rules than the Nazi's, in fact it felt like it was run by the Nazi Party-everything was a 'PROBLEM'. They would not give me a wristband I needed to shoot the show until five minutes before Jeff went onstage in case I photographed something not agreed by them. The Hollywood Bowl a bunch of Los Angeles facist's .

I did go and see Jeff again in freeeeeeezing San Francisco, Kirk came to the show, so photographed them together on Nob Hill. Buddy Guy opened with Carlo's Santana jamming with him. Buddy was amazing and he's eighty years old.
Had a weekend in monsoon rainy Minneapolis with Metallica with a show indoors with 100,000 people-it was spectacular. My best photos were of the band walking from the stage. And Metallica were great. I did try to go record shopping there after reading online how good it was for records-first to Hymie's where the 'Expert' in the shop was a women doing her knitting I asked her about a Big Star record she had no interest what so ever then Treehouse who told me if I want rare vinyl you have to go online 'Idiot's' then Hi Fi not much better. The thing that stuck was all the vinyl looked like it had been run over by a bus the cover's all ring worn and split-if you collect records you'll understand.

Then Houston which was overcast it felt like the black clouds were weighing you down. I did find a GREAT record shop called Sig's Lagoon - if you go, look upstairs good original vinyl in good condition and cheap.

In Houston I did a shoot with Tesla with was ok when I managed to stop Jeff Keith jumping around like a retard. 
In Dallas did a big studio shoot with Def Leppard which was the real reason I was in Texas. I like Dallas the sun was shining it was hot and I even resisted going record shopping and hung out by the Ritz Carlton pool with Phil Collen . Flew back to Los Angeles last night here for a couple of days then home.