DECEMBER 21 2016

Nearly the end of the year and a bittersweet one as one of the highlight's was putting together the Classic Rock Awards with Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Johnny Depp, Joe Perry, Brian Wheat, Frank and Jeff of Tesl., Rudolf Schenker plus the fabulous house band of Robert and Dean DeLeo, Tommy Henriksen, Ray Luzier only to see the magazine fold this week.

I've been in Los Angeles and San Francisco with Metallica who I may be with early next year in the Far East. While in LA my phone rang and it was Chris Holmes of WASP who I have not heard from in thirty years, Chris even told me he's been sober for twenty years. Nice to hear from him.

My main form of enjoyment while travelling has been taking photos out of the windows of planes. I still love looking down at the earth.

So Rival Sons still one of my favourite bands shot in Argentina and Black Sabbath on the cover of Mojo also in Bueno Aires.