JULY 14 2016

Have been travelling... LA - Chicago - Grand Rapids. Then met up with Def Leppard which has been a lot of fun. I spoke to Joe Elliott and I've known them and worked with them since June 8th 1979 ( According to Joe ) and I didn't meet Iron Maiden until September 1979. After the show in Grand Rapids we were flying straight offstage to NYC except for bad weather so the plane couldn't take off we arrived in NYC to see the dawn rise. That was a long night.

Went to see the Hollywood Vampires in Coney Island, took Ian Hunter along who played Sweet Jane and All The Young Dudes. Then Joe Perry got ill in the first song - Lets wish Joe Well.
Jones Beach with Def Leppard been awhile since I've been there. The following afternoon I did a shoot with Ian Hunter at

1 Central Park West in the courtyard ( Where Ian used to live ) and the doorman threw us out. We shot some more on the streets of NYC. Had a great night out in Nobu with Ian - Joe Elliott - and Brian Wheat and the best bit was I didn't have to pay.

Last night I was in Homdel New Jersey, I HATE that venue. No where to shoot from a pain in the arse. Off to Detroit today a day off with Def Leppard.