NOVEMBER 01 2016

Back home from Los Angeles, I'd actually gone to see Johnny Depp who is one of the nicest people you can meet and bear in mind what he does for a living and the amount of people that bother him.

I took some photos landing in LA just as darkness arrived, my idea was to shoot grainy black and white like an M.C. Esher drawing.

Landing home in London I got St. Paul's as the plane turned to land at Heathrow which I was pleased with.

Last night at home was looking through some old boxes and found these negs of an altogether different less friendly animal... Status Quo - Stafford Bingley Hall 1977. Funny Quo the English AC/DC before AC/DC. There were HEAVY with a catchy element for singles. You knew every riff and were huge in Australia. As people they left a lot to be desired for. I as a teenage photographer was looking forward to meeting them. Alan Lancaster the bassist was friendly the other three were something else,arrogant full of unfunny in jokes 'Hello Smudger' was one an old London term for a Police Photographer. Francis Rossi was full of himself and Rick Parfit was an arsehole of the highest order, the drummer was just a drunk. They had a thing for no spotlight's so you photographed them in murky green or blue not great for black and white film. I'm glad I have not shot them that much later on as the saying goes 'Never meet your heroes they will let you down'.