NOVEMBER 15 2016

In Bangkok after a week in Tokyo helping to run the Classic Rock Awards with Andy Hipkiss and Kazuyo Horie plus even Brad Merrett.

Well I'd be lying if I said it wasn't stressful, but it all came together so a big thank you to Jimmy Page - Jeff Beck - Johnny Depp - Joe Perry - Robert Deleo - Dean Deleo - Tommy Henriksen - Ray Luzier - Phil Collen - Joe Elliott - Brian Wheat - Frank Hannon - Rudolf Schenker - Dave Mustaine and even the retard Jeff Keith. The best description of Jeff was this 'He is like a monkey and even at the zoo the monkey needs putting in a cage' ...and I'm not saying who said it.

Ritchie Sambora was funny after his girlfriend kissed him going onstage he played the show looking like the Joker from Batman with bright pink lips, and Ritchie is another person who's always alright.

We finished the night at Napule my favourite Italian restaurant in Tokyo, just the band and a few friends I did take a photo of all the guitarists together and someone pointed out if the ceiling fell in that would be the end of music as we know it.
So while I write this in very hot and steamy Bangkok I really must thank Robert Deleo - Tommy Henriksen - Ray and Dean for pulling all the songs together.

I woke up everyday to a view of Mount Fuji from my hotel room window... which make me realise life is not that bad looking at this.