NOVEMBER 24 2016

London to Buenos Aries... it's been awhile last time was with Iron Maiden at least 15 years ago. I was on Lufthansa until they went on strike with 900 flights cancelled . So after getting up at 6am and slightly panicking I end up with a very helpful Lufthansa call centre in South Africa who stick me on BA . Now the thing I don't like about BA is the way they still act as if it's a Class Service looking down their noses at you accent. While the staff are either Northern ( The Worst ) or fake upper class all taking in a ludicrous Prince Charles voice while looking you up and down. This was the case on here as there were two tramps behind me filthy and unshaven, it turned out to be the explorer Sir Raiph Finnes who the crew were bowing and scrapping to.

Now I haven't flown BA long haul in years, so I was not disappointed Business Class is really shitty. If you want a window you face backwards ? I swapped mine for an aisle. Which is an odd small seat with an S shaped plastic barrier with the other passenger looking at you a bit like a can of say sardines is how it's designed . There is a small compartment by your feet where you can fit shoes and say glasses if you feel like losing them . Mine was soaking wet as the women opposite had split a bottle of water... So you sat there with no where to put anything at all. I asked if they had wi-fi on board 'Not yet should be next year'... Amazing what are you meant to say 'Great I'll come back then ?'.

I slept for most of it looking at the route map which was a sea of ocean nothing for hours although it was good to play with. Seeing as we were heading for the bottom of the world. And the
best part was arriving to a very sunny and warm Argentina.