NOVEMBER 28 2016

Friday I spent the day with Black Sabbath, did a shoot in the hotel, a set of portraits, then went to Recoleta Cemetery to do group shots. Was ok-ish but far to many people. Friday night had a great dinner with Rival Sons at promoter Diego Finkelstein's amazing looking house, it made a nice change.

Saturday was show day and it poured down, thunder lightning for hours. It stopped just before Sabbath went onstage, got some nice photos of Ozzy messing around. Then Sunday was off to the airportfor a 15 hour flight to Frankfurt then on to London. Lufthansa 747 it was great a seat 4A. I had three windows to look out of, as we flew out over the coast to the sea I photographed the clouds. Made me really love flyin, -fantastic service. Better than Singapore, Thai, BA or any of the shit US Airlines. I woke up over the Italian Alps at 8am it was spectacular. Now for the not so fun part, I'd forgotten what Frankfurt is like to travel with cameras... so I'm stopped. Every lens, body, in fact the whole bag full taken out one at a time then the Nazi Police want to do a full body search. I remembered they did this to me here in June, plus they photographed my passport. It takes the fun out of travelling humourless bunch of Nazi's.

I carried on to Heathrow and we came in over the green fields with the last light of the day. Not a bad trip to the bottom of the world and back.