OCTOBER 01 2016

I've just spent the last two weeks in America, mainly in Los Angeles. I did go to New York for a day to see Metallica... my main point of that was landing at Newark and before I even got in the taxi I was told '$70 plus toll plus my tip don't forget my tip a good tip' this was from a cab driver from New Guinea-New York seemed to be full of drivers from there-I mean what ever happened to something called service?

I did a big shoot with Metallica at Milk Studios so overpriced and the 'Trendy' staff seem to think they are doing you a favour, I hired a boom arm for a light they charged you for the screw that holds the arm together????

Saw Black Sabbath at the Hollywood Bowl where the staff seemed to be employed by the Nazi Party... a bunch of LA arseholes. Sabbath were great and you should see them while you still can. At Ozzfest I started to feel my age having to argue with a bunch of overweight fat Mexican Security who seem to have no understanding of what an AAA All Access Pass) means. Megadeth were on as well it was nice to see Dave Mustaine and a very healthy looking Zak Wydle plus I also saw Rival Sons. And always good to see Mike Muir from Suicidal Tendencies who surprised my by telling me how much he appreciates my support... I always liked Mike for standing for what he believes in and he's not as frightening as he looks.

Tesla I shot in the studio plus Def Leppard who are going through a huge revival. I even photographed REO Speedwagon who were rocking. At San Francisco airport I ran into Louden Wainwright III at 6am, Louden told me we must do some photos, it made my trip. And before I left Los Angeles met Mr. Paul Stanley... not a bad September at all.