OCTOBER 14 2016


Flew on Thai via Bangkok A380 in the front it was empty so empty that it was like being in an apartment on your own, I even ventured down the back at one point to see some more humans. As we started our decent into Japan I watched a JAL flight opposite start to descend into some storm clouds it finally disappeared . I took one photo-it's one of my favourite photos I have taken as it shows the size of the jet in the huge stormy sky. I Arrived in Tokyo to find a woman holding a sign as with my name as I stepped off the plane she informed me that one of my bags was missing but was on the next flight and then told me exactly what time it would be delivered to my hotel-and it was delivered on time. You'd never get that service in the West.

The first person I see in my hotel restaurant is Rudolf Schenker, we caught up and the next evening Herr Schenker took myself and the Boss to dinner.

Rudolf asked me to shoot the band leaving Tokyo on the bullet train (Something I'd done many years before) - So a quick shoot at the station surround by fans.

Found the weather oppressive overcast flat dull sky's sort of took the will to take photos away. I was wandering around today and saw a mass of hair like a lion and it was David Coverdale..we did what we always do and caught up or gossiped.

The next day at the Tokyo Ritz Carlton I see the God Of Thunder himself Gene Simmons, now I think Gene gets a bad rap if you know him and know he is joking he is very funny. He was off to have lunch with some Japanese business men in the sushi restaurant and one thing I know Gene hates is sushi. It was good to see him ,funny three random musicians in a row.

The weather finally turned sunny and warm, I was awake at 4am waiting for the dawn. I could see the Sky Tree the 450 metre tower in the dawn light from my room and decided to go up it. Strange looking at it from the ground it doesn't look real as if I'd stepped into a science fiction film from the 1950's.Quite amazing looking down from the top tower,Tokyo looked like a giant toy model. After the Tower I tried the aquarium next to it, which had a malevolent looking shark. 
I was in Japan for meetings which the odd part for me was I was not there to take photos.

Flew home yesterday via Bangkok arrived to find everything eerie and quite silent all the TVs were showing old black and white footage and the King had died. On to London arrived at dawn this morning. Strange being home, I'm off to the Indulgence Show this Friday-Saturday-Sunday come and say hello.