MARCH 03 2017

Mexico City... with Metallica and Iggy Pop. Nice weather it beats freezing Denmark.

First show of three done in a nice intimate venue with 65,000 Mexicans going mad.
I went in the Snake Pit at the front to shoot and was accosted by a load of intoxicated fans. Now I don't mind saying 'Hola' but not when I'm trying to work . The other weird thing at the Foo Sol stadium is that in the middle of the crowd going crazy are venders walking through the crowd selling pizza-beer and Marlboro Red cigarettes I came back to the hotel smelling like I'd been chain smoking.

Kirk Hammett and I went to see Frida Kahlo's house which was cool then we went shopping and ended up in an area that was like being in Beverly Hills you would have never thought we were in Mexico City. I even went to the Zoo here - now I don't exactly agree with Zoo's but I did enjoy it - I took some photos of the Hippo's having an afternoon nap.
Show number two tonight and you have to see this stage set it is enormous .