APRIL 04 2016

In Los Angeles at the moment, I was in Sweden last week to shoot Baroness. Beautiful day the day before then the day I work overcast rain miserable of course as soon as I finish bright sunshine. I was going to stay to see Chris Cornell the next day but decided to come home.

Last Saturday in London the weather was so nice I didn't want to leave, so took the last LA flight of the day on a rather empty Air New Zealand flight. Was looking forward to shoot Greenland as it was the last light of the day. It was totally overcast so nothing a view of white flat cloud.I sat and watched Son Of Saul the Hungarian film about one of the Nazi Camps-good but not exactly the sort of thing you need to dwell on, on a long flight. The last couple of hours was nice, across The Big Horn Mountains and the desert over the Hoover Dam. The light had turned the shadows and contract blue, it looked on the camera photo shopped but what you see was the real end of day light.

Some records - The Mott and ZZ Top we a present from Julian Podmore in Brisbane. Mad Shadows by Mott The Hoople is one of my favourite album covers. The Drum LP's were another gift from my friend Richard Heyburgh and I got a Spanish Led Zeppelin II and Rush Roll The Bones on vinyl which has a nice cover by Hugh Syme. And the new cover of Music Connection in Los Angeles Jimmy Page I’d shot this in London.