APRIL 26 2016

London... just got back this morning at dawn to a very sunny London.

Spent the last week in Sydney, it started out with lots of rain and ended the weekend hot and sunny-it is the beginning of winter there.

I did a big Black Sabbath photo shoot around Sydney even in the botanical gardens full of tourists yet no one bothered us - I was surprised we finished on the Rocks, it was productive. Ozzy loved the Sydney show he had a great time and when looking at my photos I can see it. My last night in Sydney I went to see Rival Sons at Frankie's Pizza the most rock and roll venue in Sydney, it was like being sent to HELL it was packed you couldn't move. I took refuge in the bar under the stage where I was very well looked after by Jorden who runs the place ( In fact Jorden looked after me with Soundgarden last year )... Jorden introduced me to Jake Wiffen from Dead City Ruins a true believer who has a tattoo of Ozzy and Randy Rhoads and insisted on showing me it . Frankie's is the place if you want a rock night out, I was to fried to really get into it.

I spent Monday morning sitting in the Sydney Observatory Gardens enjoying the weather than had to head home. Flew out across the ocean then we turned I got a good view of the harbour then the Blue Mountains and out across the outback leaving Australia over Port Headland then blue ocean and nothing for hours until Jakarta when the sky was full of huge tropical thunder clouds... I could fly around here happily looking out of the windows at the sky.