AUGUST 17 2015

Been travelling the last couple of weeks Lisbon where I made the effort of seeing the statue of Christ over looking the city and the huge sculpture of the explorers over looking the water I think it's Vasco De Gamma but I could be wrong. 
After Portugal I went to Istanbul to the Soho House Hotel which is new and full of English and even worse the French. I liked the casualness of the hotel but no bellman so you pull up and do your own bags. The worst part of the hotel is the restaurants where everyone smoke's,I mean they jam the table's together and all the clientele are chain smoking away while eating it is truly fucking disgusting-I complained twice and was told by the staff "This is Turkey people smoke". It really ruined it... breakfast smoking - lunch smoking - dinner smoking. I grew up in the 1970's - 80.s when people smoked but this took it to a new level this was disgusting, I got home and read a 'Crawling' feature in the Evening Standard E Magazine saying how wonderful it was... amazing what a free weekend in Istanbul will get you...

My holiday reading book was Dennis Dunaway My Adventures In The Alice Cooper Group. A good read with no dirt just what happened with the band. It made me come home and dig out the albums.