AUGUST 20 2015

Dallas Texas,

After couple of days travelling I'm in Dallas. No matter how many times I've been here and it's been a few times, I have no sense of where I am. It is so spread out I feel lost. Houston which is just as spread out I can figure out, Dallas not at all. If you ask anyone here how far something is you get 'Forty minutes' the time it takes to drive, never ten miles. So at the moment I have no clue where I am.

Started London to Atlanta, had a good view of New York from 38,000 feet. Then coming into the south we hit the huge clouds and electrical storms the plane was being thrown around the sky, I don't mind it high up except when you drop or see another plane far off where it dawns on me how small you are. After connecting in Atlanta (An airport so vast you are miles from each terminal),it was 'Hello' Nashville and straight to a Def Leppard show. Nashville is sort of the new NYC/LA always someone there you know,tonight I saw Head/Brian Welch from Korn and Drummer Jason Sutter and the highlight of my night was seeing Billy Bob Thornton a fine human I caught up with him and took some photographs.

While in Nashville Steve Gorman had me on his radio show where I did an interview which was good and bad... mostly bad ,I'll put the link on my Ross Halfin Photography FB Page. Great to see Steve as well a good old friend, his band Trigger Hippy made an excellent record .

At Nashville airport Joe Elliott and I had Sushi-odd finding a sushi bar in Nashville airport. Joe was getting recognised it was as if we were on the Hysteria Tour. Another roller coster ride through the stormy sky's of the south to Dallas. I figured as we are in cattle country I should have a steak. Dinner was at a dark huge steak house Nick And Sam's, it was stupidly expensive the prices were by the weight of the meat so it was baffling unless you are a maths genius. In the enormous open planned kitchen was a piano player who played Happy Birthday when people ordered a slice of cake,and a slice here was enough to feed a wedding party. The drinks menu was huge a big folder in leather which when opened lit up - imagine a huge iPad . I spent most of my time looking at the huge slabs of meat on the bone and the very dressed up women the whole room seemed to be drinking vats of expensive dark red wine. The bill for four was was more than I'd spend on food for a month ! I was happy I wasn't paying...

Thursday here and I'm wide awake at 3am and writing this at 5am waiting for the sun jet lag I do hate you.