AUGUST 24 2015

Back home after a day of travelling Houston airport which looked like it was last renovated in the 1970's. A main terminal which has one Starbucks, a taco stand, a small sandwich stand and it covers ten airlines. You ask someone directions and get 'Whhhhhhiiiiiiit ?????? I caaaaaaan't understand ya'lllll'.

Because of storms in the Northeast I had a fun filled flight of being thrown around the sky for two hours then had to run to my Delta connection in Detroit. The flight from Detroit was good nice staff helpful friendly it makes a change from an American Airline.

Spent the weekend in Dallas and Houston, the day of the Dallas show I did a big studio shoot with Def Leppard. I was thinking it would be ho hum when in fact it went amazingly well. The Dallas show was hard to shoot - Houston the next day was good and I must say a big thank you to the people at the end of the stage ramp who was super nice. I even shot some Tesla when they let Jeff Keith out of the Mental Hospital for the weekend.