AUGUST 27 2015

As the August bank holiday looms I've been reading or trying to catch up on books. I prefer hard backs even though in this day and age they are a pain to carry travelling, still I'm not giving in to Kindle yet.

I found in a second hand book shop in London an American hard back of The Long Firm by Jake Arnott and to make it even better it was signed. It is the best book on describing the tatty glamour of '60's London as I've just finished re-reading it I'm going to work my way through his other books.

Got Detroit 67 by Stuart Cosgrove which even though I'm not a huge Soul fan I'm going to attempt to read. For my birthday I was given Cloud Atlas now I love the film the book is hard going as you need to focus on it even after seeing the film.

Last Sunday at Houston airport I could not find a single book that appealed to me in the airport book shop either Bible Stuff or books on how to succeeded in life. Found it draining and depressing looking at them they sort of wear out your thoughts in a bad way.

Brian Wheat gave me the first Elvis LP he got it in the Sun store in Memphis. Now I never liked Elvis until a few years ago as a teenager I hated him. The night he died I was in Dingwalls in London August 16th 1977 for some odd reason I remember this, everyone was a bit shocked but didn't care Elvis was to far away fat and bloated and over. Listening to this and the second LP shows you what he was and why he was great . As John Lennon said 'Before Elvis there was nothing'