DECEMBER 01 2015

December, I hate the winter. Still The Mighty Judas Priest at Brixton... Fantastic show, Michael Schenker opening. Michael did an amazing solo during Rock Bottom.

The Priest were amazing, the best Heavy Metal Band, nobody does it better than them plus they played my two all time favourite Priest songs Beyond the Realms of Death and Victims of Changes.

Some travel various bits I shot last month, no real order to it just photos I like.

Also some records the Woodstock Soundtrack from Japan - Led Zeppelin Live On Blueberry Hill which I think is one of the best Led Zeppelin shows ever-Jethro Tull Adelaide 1972 (Which is really the show from Melbourne) it has Tull doing a eleven minute version of A New Day Yesterday - The Who-Bad Company-Humble Pie at Charlton which I went to and has the complete sets of each plus Bad Company open up with Freddie King's The Palace Of The King great show and I remember it was one of the hottest days of the year.