DECEMBER 03 2015

I was thinking about the difference of taking photos from the 'Old' days of film, mainly because Judas Priest and Michael Schenker had perfect lighting and I wish I'd shot some.

The difference now with the audience is every wanker has an iPhone filming anything they can-what for is beyond me.

The crowd at Brixton were intent on taking photos and using the phones-no clapping along or joining in and participating in the show. I was trying top shoot Rob Halford at the end of the show when he knelt down and all I was doing was knocking iPhones out of the way. It is a whole different world of having a good time.

Some more of LIVE... a seriously GREAT band. Chris Shinn the new singer is excellent.

I’d forgotten I’d taken these on a hot sunny Sydney afternoon at the Quantas Arena . Live with Phil and Joe of Def Leppard.

Judas Priest