DECEMBER 07 2015

Off to Los Angeles tomorrow morning, I found this boarding card in an old box of passes I had in my attic. This was from the day's of no security where you just walked on the plane no airport scanning machines or body searches in fact no terrorism. It was the day of the Royal Wedding Diana to Prince Charles - Peter Makowski and I were going to Los Angeles to do a story on UFO who were headlining Long Beach Arena.

We got to Heathrow early and hit the bar as one did when we were young and stupid. We were having a great time until we noticed our Los Angeles flight had already left. 'Leave it to me' said Pete who came back and asked for £50 - Which turned out to be a thank you to the BA Desk who upgraded us on Concorde via Washington to LA. I don't have a very detailed memory of the flight, my only one was seeing a huge block of Stilton Cheese in the BA Lounge and Pete ordering us treble brandies. We did call UFO's PR Chris Poole the next day and told him we missed our fligh t- 'What did you do go on Concorde?' said Chris sarcastically 'As a matter of fact yes'... Chris I remember took in rather well.