DECEMBER 14 2015

A week in Los Angeles..

Went to a Christmas party at the Sunset Marquis where I ran into Joe Bonamassa who I haven’t seen in ages (we talked Les Pauls I used to sell them in my teens). Hung out with Chad Kroeger who I always enjoy seeing.

Did a big photoshoot with Joe Perry and spent a night with Joe, David Johansen, Johnny Depp and Josh Homme. Joe got me to do a photo of himself with engineer Bruce Witkin and producer Jack Douglas. Josh Homme pointed out 'We always meet in the most random places'.

Friday was with Black Sabbath, who I did another studio shoot ,then photographed them rehearsing and without me giving it away it's a great setlist - I even got Tony Iommi to play 'Megalomania' it was fantastic.

Sunday was Lemmy's 70th Birthday at the Whisky A Go Go. Funny how people have party's where it's an inner sanctum and another inner sanctum, I thought that had gone out in the '80's . If you even tried to go near the 'Third Sanctum' you were stopped by three huge security - not that I'd call them security more people who'd been at McDonalds too much - This was reserved for the likes of Gilby Clark, Slash, Lars, Nigel Mogg, Scott Ian etc. God forbid a mere mortal might talk to them, and I imagine Lemmy was in there somewhere. Still Lemmy's seventy soon so a very happy birthday to him...

I did see Rob from Metallica and Whitfield Crane was nice and as I left I saw Glen Danzig which kind of made my night.