DECEMBER 23 2015

My last bit of diary until next year... I had a good year photographing Def Leppard. A lot of fun on tour with them the far east was great . I shot them at Wembley and then Phil Collen's Delta Deep in London the following day. I'm home for Christmas and New Year, I truly HATE Christmas a load of rubbish roll on next year asap.

I dug out some Jethro Tull who I think of as a winter band - I have no idea why. Thick As A Brick I liked as a teenager although I've overplayed it and I'm sort of sick of it now-A Passion Play I like more now, The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles is awful a self indulgent waste of time, pointless drivel. Critique Oblique makes the album. I saw them at Wembley Empire Pool on the Passion Play Tour, funny I liked it the critics hated them. After this I gave up on them, To Old To Rock And Roll was dire, then they became a bad Steeleye Span. Think it's time to dig out Benefit, my favourite Tull album.

A couple of photos of Johnny Depp photographed in Los Angeles.