FEBRUARY 08 2003

New York.  Came back from LA to Siberia.  It had started to really snow.  Went to rehearsals at S.I.R. Studios for "Tribute to the Blues."  Joe and Steven played on "I'm a King Bee" and Peter Green's "Stop Messin' 'Round"--which Joe sung.  They only did a quick run-thru (it was literally only 10 minutes), then shot them doing an interview for a blues radio station.  They seemed like two enthusiastic school children.  Walked back to the hotel with Steven who wanted chicken and matzo ball soup at the Carnegie Deli.  It's amazing to me how friendly he is to fans when he gets recognized--which of course he does everywhere.  Came back and ordered in some Chinese for myself.

The next day I went with Steven in limo to Radio City Music Hall for soundcheck.  Before soundcheck, did pics of Joe and Steven with Macy Gray, Martin Scorsese (who produced the show) and a whole load of blues people (who being the philistine that I am, didn't know who they were--Aaron Neville, etc).  Just before we left, knocked on BB King's dressing room and did photos of him with Joe and Steven.  

Woke up the next day to the coldest and snowiest New York ever.  Tried to convince Steven to go into Central Park for some pictures. Went over the Radio City at 7pm.  Martin Scorsese and Buddy Guy's dressing rooms were next door to Steven and Joe's.  Shot them all hanging out together, mainly in B&W.  Also shot a very nervous Joe and Steven warming up in the dressing room, plus Joe and Jack Douglas (Aerosmith producer).