FEBRUARY 16 2016

Los Angeles,

Still very hot here which I'm not moaning about... it's as hot as the summer.

Feb 13th I was in Las Vegas with Black Sabbath the highlight was watching Ozzy walk up to Tony and Geezer and being genuinely amazed at the fact it was forty six years ago since the first Sabbath LP came out. I got a photo of them walking to the stage together just as Ozzy said 'Can you believe it!'.

I was going to go to the Grammy's with the Hollywood Vampires but they wouldn't let me in with a camera, I watched Lady Gaga while in the gym-Cheesey Shite with Nile Rodgers who'll turn up to the opening of an envelope it was like bad Bette Midler proving no one does Bowie better than Bowie.

Black Sabbath walk on stage Las Vegas.

Some Sabbath Vinyl forty Six years old...

Original Vertigo UK and Australian on Fontana and a pressing from Mexico.

Sammy Hagar Newcastle City Hall 1979... I found this in my lock up, and sent it to Sammy who loved it. That's Bill Church with Sam from the original Montrose band.

This was before the day's of the stage photo that every shit Heavy Metal band does. Sammy Hagar pulled me onstage... He really meant it he was having a great time. So I came up with the idea of doing it with UFO which worked as it communicated with the crowd . I had gotten it down to a fine art by the time I was doing Iron Maiden and a finer art by Metallica. Now every SHITTY photographer copies it... BUT let me tell you 'Muther Fuckers' Sammy and I did it first. And that is a fact.