FEBRUARY 17 2016

A slightly cultural day, a visit to the Broad Museum to see some 'Art'... if you could call it Art. It is full of the stuff that I truly hate. A giant pile of plates incase you get the urge to do the washing up-Wacko and Bubbles by Jeff Koons it is so stupid I half liked it-A gold plated toilet bowel in case you need to pee which I suppose says a lot about Los Angeles-A giant Basquiat painting which looks as if he painted it when he was three years old... need I gone on. The Tate London is just as bad. Still the building and the Disney Music Hall next door looked nice.

I did find the Last Book Store in Downtown LA NOW that is worth a visit far more than this load of old crap dressed up as art... and far more artistic are some old '70's t-shirts I got all unworn.