JANUARY 04 2003

Meant to leave today, but Maria Gonzales (the tattooed Roadrunner PR, she has a habit of emailing her tattoos around the world) told me about a Stone Sour video shoot.  She said no one can shoot it; I told her to ring Larry Mazer (manager of Stone Sour--a person I particularly like).  "He'll say no," she said.  She was wrong.  Larry asked me to go down to the shoot and we swapped stories for most of it.

The video was shot in a really bad part of downtown LA.  As I was leaving late-afternoon, I took a photo of a homeless person's "home" which was decorated with an American flag...in hindsight, I wish I'd stopped and taken more but felt I was intruding.  Driving back along Sunset Blvd.  with the tattooed lady.  Took a photo of the Sahara Motel on the Strip.  I liked the way the neon and trees silhouetted against the winter light.